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Regulations on Initial Coin Offerings and Security Token Offering in Mainland China and Hong Kong

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NFT and Cybersecurity

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Latest development on virtual asset related regulations in Hong Kong 202207

新的合作夥伴 - Pentastic Security Limited

We are happy to announce that our Firm has entered into a new strategic partnership with Pentastic Security Limited as part of our long-term planning to expand into the space of cybersecurity and data protection.

Under the strategic partnership, Pentastic and us will combine strengths and efforts to provide clients, in particular licensed corporations, with advance cybersecurity solutions to tackle the serious threats posed by cyber-attacks and data breach.

We understand that information is the key to the success of a business. Therefore, it is important for businesses to have well-tested protection for their information that can withstand the ferocious acts of bad actors. Our legal team and the cybersecurity experts of Pentastic will work together to safeguard clients’ data and ensure statutory & regulatory compliance.

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Electronic Signature Requirements in Hong Kong

Announcement of Strategic Partnership with D-Engraver Limited

Today, we are pleased to announce the Strategic Partnership between D-Engraver Limited and Robinsons, Lawyers.

D-Engraver Limited is a high calibre Blockchain startup founded by HKUST Alumni and professors, with a track record of high-flying success since 2018.

Located in Science Park, the heartland of Hong Kong’s most innovative enterprises, D-Engraver Limited is among the early batches of companies being invested by the HKUST Entrepreneurship Fund.

D-Engraver Limited has helped many businesses in the Advanced Manufacturing and Healthcare sectors to implement cutting-edge IOT solutions that are fully powered by blockchain.

The D-E Chain that D-Engraver Limited developed is up to 10,000 times transactions per second (TPS) of the existing Bitcoin Network but prided on low energy consumption for requiring only basic network, data storage and computing capability.

With pioneering blockchain-based technology, D-Engraver Limited has placed itself at the forefront of Global ESG and Web-3.0 decentralisation, which shall inaugurate the elimination of traditional intermediaries.

This Strategic Partnership between Robinsons, Lawyers and D-Engraver Limited envisages the setting up of a major joint venture which aims to launch an E-Signature platform during early-2022.

In cooperation with Robinsons, Lawyers’ cybersecurity team, this new E-Signature platform will allow users to execute legal documents by digital signatures, which are irreversibly time-stamped and safely encrypted on the D-Engraver Blockchain.

Connecting with the development of online courts across jurisdictions, we shall soon witness the unlocking of a new age and the making of Tomorrow’s Lawyers through this promising partnership.










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Fact Sheet on Initial Coin Offerings (“ICO”s)

WTO GPA Article - Resolution to Government Tender Disputes

In 2017, Robinsons, Lawyers had the pleasure at successfully servicing and representing a Health Care Supply Chain in a Tender Dispute before the Review Body on Bid Challenges. Accordingly, we would like to share with you our experience of The Bid Challenge System established Under The World Trade Organization´s Government Procurement Agreement.

Enforcing foreign judgments in China

Dr. James LAU Kit Hung - Partner
Mr. Stefan Christian Schmierer - Associate Solicitor

With the following newsletter, we will provide you with an update of the legal development in Mainland China.

Using Hong Kong as Gateway to China

Dr. James LAU Kit Hung - Partner
Mr. Stefan Christian Schmierer - Associate Solicitor

We would like to share with our clients the use of Hong Kong as a gateway to Mainland China market. And we will also cover the topic of how Double Taxation Agreements (“DTAs”) between Hong Kong and several foreign (mostly Eu­ropean) jurisdictions benefit investors when they do busi­ness in Mainland China. 

羅本信律師行 BRIEFING October 2017

Dr. James LAU Kit Hung - Partner
Mr. Stefan Christian Schmierer - Associate Solicitor

With the following newsletter, we will provide you with an update of the legal development in Hong Kong in the last few months. The topics cover a wide range of court decisions ranging from a void bonus agree-ment in employment law to directors of companies that were held per-sonally liable for wrongs of their companies.